About Us p

Numonet began with two sisters designing, creating and sewing beautiful pieces for new arrivals born into our family. It wasn't long before these pieces became part of our Welcome Kit. Eventually, we added embroidery burp cloths to these kits to make it even more special. We didn't stop there but then began to design all birthday and celebration packages personalized for every niece and nephew, and today their children.

Years after creating our Welcome Kit and personalizing outfits for events, we decided to share our creativity online.

While our site is dedicated to our embroidery items, we also offer premium tulle tutus and quality vinyl tops. We are always testing new ideas to bring you the best we can offer.

Let's create together!

Aside from our beautifully embroidered off the rack tops that can be personalized, we also offer fully Custom Outfit Services to really personalize a beautiful outfit your your event. 

Our Clothing is CPSIA Compliant: