Nasal Aspirator Safety New Born Baby Nose Cleaner


New Born Baby Safety Nose Cleaner Vacuum Suction Nasal Aspirator Snot Nose Cleaner Baby Care Newborn Healthy Care Convenient !


  • 100% brand new with Fashionable design
  • Easy to use: Nasal aspirator is lightweight and its compact design fits in your palm. One-button control design, is controlled by a simple push of a button.
  • With a powerful motor and high-quality pump components, Provide a perfect suction for every nose size without hurting the tender sinuses of your baby.
  • Nasal aspirator will remove your baby's mucus without making much noise, so your baby can breathe easier and sleep soundly.
  • Note: The suction of the electric nasal aspirator device is mild. If too strong suction will hurt the baby's nose.
  • The water-resistant design allows for heavy rinsing without damaging the electronic components, while the inner silicone bowl and sludge collection nozzle can be removed and cooked for sterilization. It is recommended to clean the unit after each use to keep the unit clean and sterile.
  • Three interchangeable nozzle sizes, made of soft silicone, will always adapt to your baby's nose comfortably. it will not hurt the paranasal sinus of the baby.
  • This nasal aspirator would be the cutest gift for a new mother for her baby, its soft silicone nasal tips can prevent the baby's nose from being injured and bacteria infested.
  • Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator can be dismantled into several parts.Sterilize the detachable parts with hot water.
  • You'll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold.

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